Steve Rennie

231 – Steve Rennie: Former Epic Records Exec and Incubus manager takes you inside the music industry

Steve Rennie is the real deal in the music business. Far from the wannabes, Rennie has talked the talk and walked the walk for over 37 years. As a young man he started promoting concerts in his home town own and was eventually courted by Avalon Attractions then to Epic Records where he became the Senior VP and General Manager. From there he signed and managed Incubus for 17 years. Now he’s started his own venture, RenmanMB, to educate up and comers in the music business by offering them real world advice and expertise for a career in the volatile music business.

Steve Rennie talks about:

  • Dropping out of college
  • His love for golf
  • NOT getting a mailroom job at the famed William Morris Agency
  • How he got into promoting
  • Avalon Attractions
  • Moving to Epic Records
  • Signing and managing Incubus
  • Teaching  up and comers in the business thorugh his new venture

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