Jim Bogios

391 – Jim Bogios (Counting Crows): preparation meets opportunity

Jim Bogios, the longtime drummer of Counting Crows and Bay Area native is no stranger to success as a drummer. Getting started at the ripe age of 12, performing is in his blood…but, although he had a jumpstart on his career, Jim’s hard work and preparation have been the keys to his success over the years.

Jim Bogios talks about:

  • Growing up as the son of an orchestra trumpet player
  • Playing with Sheryl Crow, Prince, Eric Clapton, James Taylor and other legendary artists
  • Getting the gig with Counting Crows
  • Being a session player for a solo artist vs. being a band member
  • How to make the most out of each audition and each opportunity
  • How to prepare when replacing a drummer in an established band
  • How he keeps his perspective in check when doing major gigs
  • The unique way in which he developed his voice as the “fifth limb”
  • Why working hard beats being talented
  • Living in the suburbs vs. living in the city
  • Much more

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Nice. So if Sheryl joined Jim’s band, they would be called “Counting Sheryl Crows”


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