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211: What a day at the gym taught me about drumming

Every day I try to learn something new; a better way of doings something, a new skill or something I can apply to my daily life to make me more efficient, smarter, successful and ultimately happier

For a long time I struggled with developing a good workout routine but have been on a good streak for about 2 years now of consistently going to the gym and eating well. So, how did I do it? I changed my approach and I changed my concentration when I was at the gym. This is something I never realized until I watched someone else work out and paid attention to their focus. The lesson I learned was invaluable and I’ve started applying this lesson to every area of my life, including my drumming.

“Wasting Time Is Robbing Oneself.” -Estonian proverb (Tweet this)

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  1. David Story
    David Story says:

    Here is a tactic I learned in Rome Italy this summer at the Greg Hutchinson workshop. I believe it was bassist Joe Sanders who gave us this nugget of gold.

    “Just put your recorder on at the beginning of a practice session and then ignore it until later when you listen to it back”

    You learn:
    1. How you spent your time
    2. How focused you really were
    3. How you really sound
    4. What you really accomplished
    5. How you really work on problems
    6. Because you were playing with a metronome, (wink, wink), you hear your time and where is sits.

    Keep up the great work Nick.


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