Richard Spaven

441 – Richard Spaven: Always prepared, never contrived

UK based drummer Richard Spaven has been constantly making a name for himself in what I call “both sides of the business” – the drumming business and the music business. Separate but equal, Spaven’s career in the world of hip hop, electronic, jazz, etc and in drum clinics and masterclasses are both impressive. Notably, Spaven has released many of his own releases, and has worked with artists like Guru (Gangstarr), flying lotus, The Cinematic Orchestra, TY, Kaidi Tatham, and Jazz sensation Nailah Porter as well as drum clinics around the globe. In this episode, Spaven details his approach to being extremely prepared yet spontaneous, serving the music, plus how he practices, using “residual learning” a term he has coined to explain how his practice routine shows up in his playing.

Richard Spaven talks about:

  • Growing up in the club scene of UK
  • Our mutual love for hip hop
  • Main influences
  • The art of blending genres
  • Working with Guru
  • How he focuses on being himself
  • Much more

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