Chuck Treece

057 – Chuck Treece: Nurturing your Playing and Mindset

In this Podcast I interviewed drummer / multi-instrumentalist, Chuck Treece.  Chuck is a Philadelphia legend who is known for many things, including being a founding member of Skate-Punk band, McRad, as well as his work with The Butcher Brothers, David Ivory, Sting, Billy Joel, G. Love and many other notable musicians.  Chuck Treece is not only an amazing musician, but he’s also a professional skateboarder who has had endorsements by several companies, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, Powell-Peralta, and Airwalk sneakers.

“One of life’s most painful moments comes when we must admit that we didn’t do our homework, that we are not prepared.” – Merlin Olsen

In this session you’ll hear Chuck Treece talk about:

  • Coming up in the Philly scene
  • Becoming a prefessional musician and skateboarder
  • The difference between drummers then and now
  • The history of music and why we must learn it
  • The importance of nurturing though mentors and history
  • How he got work with: Sting, Billy Joel, etc
  • Much Much more

Resources and Links Mentioned:

Chuck Treece’s Gear and Endorsements: