Jason McGerr

530 – Jason McGerr (Death Cab for Cutie): Play more, judge less

Jason McGerr is on a journey. A never-ending journey to create his own, unique sound. Though most drummers attempt this in their playing, Jason is actually obtaining it. A student of the craft, the Death Cab For Cutie drummer knows what it takes to serve the music, serve his own creative muse and how to walk the line between the two.

Whether he’s playing in front of tens of thousands of people with DCFC or in front of 10 in a jazz trio, one thing is for sure…creativity will be at the forefront of his playing.

Jason McGerr talks about:

  • The skills it takes to succeed at working remotely in music
  • His experience and lessons learned teaching drums
  • The importance of not judging yourself as you progress
  • The qualities that make a great drummer
  • Working his creativity and personality into a band sound
  • How to get started in the business by putting yourself in the scene
  • Much more

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