Carter McLean

363 – Carter McLean: A natural progression of creativity

Carter McLean, full-time drummer for the Broadway Show “The Lion King” is a man who’s been around the block a few times. From starting out as a drummer to becoming a photographer, starting a photography company and then getting drawn back to drumming with the offer to do The Lion King full time. Carter is also the drummer for Charlie Hunter and has worked with other artists including: Jamie McLean, Greg Holden, Charlie Hunter, Victor Wooten, Anthony Hamilton, Bernie Worrell (Parlament Funkadelic), Fred Wesley (James Brown), Shelby Johnson (Prince), Melanie Gabriel (Peter Gabriel) Leni Stern, Matt Duke and many others.  Carter also released his own record “GHOST BRIDGE” in 2010 where he sings and plays guitar.

Carter McLean talks about:

  • Growing up with his brother who was also a musician
  • The Colorado music scene
  • Why he decided to move to NYC
  • Whether or not music school is for you
  • Starting a photography company
  • Deciding he was going to play drums as a hobby, then getting pulled into playing full-time
  • How he learns
  • Being more present in you life and in the practice room
  • The art of listening
  • His love for groove VS his love for chops and speed
  • Social media presence and why it’s important
  • Drum tuning advice
  • Much more

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