517 – Didi Negron: Chasing Happiness

Did Negron, the PA native who grew up in church, was inspired at a very early age by the allure of the drums. The inspiration and love for percussion stuck with her through middle school,  high school and into college where she had a revelation. She realized that what would make her happiest is pursuing a career in music. That decision to chase happiness has proved to be the right move as her career been on the rise ever since from a Berklee Grad to clinician, educator and long-time member of the famed Cirque du Soleil

Didi Negron talks about:

  • Growing up in church and falling in love with the drums at an early age
  • Juggling sports and music
  • Chasing happiness
  • Her decision to leave PA and go to Berklee
  • The parallels of being a musician and an athlete
  • Advice for others looking for career opportunities outside of touring with a band
  • Her day-to-day as a Cirque du Soleil drummer
  • Much more

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