Gorden Campbell

278 – Gorden Campbell – Reinventing a storied career

Gorden Campbell is no stranger to switching things up. With a simple glance at his list of employers, you’ll see the wide range of work he’s been hired to do. From George Duke to Jessica Simpson, Campbell’s gigs have required him to be able make changes at a moments notice, switch and learn new styles, and make a name for himself in another genre of music. Now, Gorden has decided to stop touring and make a change yet again and focus on producing – an area that he talks about as an “uphill battle.”

Gorden Campbell talks about:

  • Growing up / playing in the church
  • Where “gospel chops” came from and the misconceptions that go along with it
  • Not allowing your ego to get in your way
  • Why he learned to read and studied technique
  • The change in perspective about particular gigs
  • Why he decided to stop touring
  • The uncertainty of being a sideman
  • Taking control of your own career
  • The move from “drummer” to “producer”
  • Much More

Resources / Links / People mentioned:

Gorden Campbell plays:

  • Yamaha Drums
  • Remo Drumheads
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Drumdots

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