Craig Ballantyne

403 – The no BS guide to networking with Craig Ballantyne

As you know, this podcast is about drumming but I like to pepper in guests who can help serve you in other ways. Why? Because, although we’re all drummers, we’re also moms, dads, accountants, weekend warriors, etc. Juggling life, job, gigging, practicing, kids and everything else life throws at you can be a challenge.

Enter: Craig Ballantyne

Craig, author of The Perfect Day Formula, is the first person I’ve met who can break down goal setting into a clear, concise process. I’ve studied goal setting, habit development and personal development for years and Craig’s info is by far some of the best I’ve ever come across. Using his practices has drastically changed my life and they’re too goo not to share with you.

I had Craig on the podcast before (episode 384) and got overwhelmed with the positive feedback, but I kept getting questions about “social self goals” aka networking. So I asked Craig to come back on the show for round 2 and he didn’t disappoint.

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