539 – Billy Cobham: A spectrum of knowledge

This episode originally aired on August 22, 2016

Billy Cobham is a man whose reputation precedes him as someone who has not only influenced and shaped generations of drummers but also as an innovator behind the kit. Whether it be his open-handed technique, his signature sound, his even single-strokes or any other identifying trait, Billy always sounds like Billy. His work spans generations and cultures ranging from Miles Davis and Mahavishnu Orchestra to solo projects and jazz-funk releases with guests including Buddy Miles and Chaka Khan. At 75 years young, Cobham has released more than 30 recordings under his own name and continues to record, perform and teach around the world.

Billy Cobham Talks About:

  • Growing up in Panama
  • Why he moved to Switzerland
  • Developing his open-hand technique (and why he did it)
  • Finding your own sound
  • Developing beyond the “surface level” of playing drums
  • Advice for up and coming drummers
  • His thoughts on Traditional and Matched Grip
  • Insights into his song “Spectrum”
  • Much more

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