Daniel Glass Show

392 – [Daniel Glass Show]: Five Strategies for Living An “Unusual” Life

In this podcast, Daniel defines the “unusual life” that we lead as musicians, and offers five strategies designed to help you acknowledge, accept and embrace the radical idea of turning your passions into a meaningful livelihood.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel defines what he means by the “unusual life” of an artist, and explains why it’s so different from the norm.
  • Why it’s important for us to acknowledge these differences, and develop strategies to designed to create a pathway to achieving our goals.
  • Daniel offers five strategies toward this end:
    • Strategy 1: Play music every day.
    • Strategy 2: Don’t get too comfortable.
    • Strategy 3: Lead a simple life.
    • Strategy 4: Surround yourself with supportive people.
    • Strategy 5: Allow the “unusual” way of life to become your new normal.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

  • Daniel’s “Drummer, Author, Educator” Facebook page, which offers daily insights designed to help define, embrace and tackle the “unusual life” of a musician.