Jimmy Chamberlin

248 – Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins): Rock, Revelry and Redemption

Jimmy Chamberlin, the founding and long-time member of the mega-band, The Smashing Pumkins has had a wild ride…and it’s just getting started. Since the 80s he’s been the driving force behind The Pumpkin’s success, serving as not only their drummer but also as their long term strategists while running their entire global touring business. Jimmy’s tenure came to a screeching halt after a misfortunate incident in ’96, only to be reinstated in the band in 1998. The time since has given Jimmy a new perspective on fame, success, and what’s truly important in life. Although still technically a member of Smashing Pumpkins, a lot of Jimmy’s time is dedicated to the tech and investing world, serving as CEO of LiveOne before starting his own company, Blue J Strategies.

Jimmy Chamberlin talks about:

  • How he got into playing drums
  • The early years of The Smashing Pumkins
  • Early Big Band influences
  • Listening to non-genre specific music
  • The Jim Gordon Story
  • Rise to fame and the trappings of it
  • Drugs and the subsequent fallout with the band
  • Finding what’s most important in life
  • Advice for musicians
  • His new love for tech and media
  • Transiting into the role of CEO and founder
  • Much more

Resources / Links / Key People entioned:

Jimmy Chamberlin Plays:

  • Sakae Drums
  • DW Pedals

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