Don Lombardi

107 – Don Lombardi: Starting DW & Drum Channel and thriving in music business for over 40 years

In this podcast I talk to industry veteran Don Lombardi, who is widely known and respected in the drumming community as the founder of Drum Workshop (DW Drums) and Drum Channel.  Don has worked tirelessly since 1972 to create a hand crafted custom drum company with products made in the USA but it didn’t start that way. Listen is as Don tells the story of humble beginnings to growing the DW brand to where it is today….including some great stories along the way.  Very interesting stuff in this interview.

“No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.” – Alan Watts (Tweet this)

Listen in as Don Lombardi talks about:

  • His playing career before DW
  • His work in Las Vegas and LA
  • His passion for education and teaching
  • Buying Camco’s dies and molds
  • The history of Drum Workshop (Hint: it didn’t start as a drum company!)
  • The transition from playing to running the business
  • The creation of the first double bass drum pedals
  • The acquisition of Latin Percussion, Toca Percussion, Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware and KAT Percussion
  • Starting Drum Channel
  • Don’s approach to marketing and quality
  • Much much more

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