Chris Coleman

385 – Chris Coleman: Embracing the unexpected

If you think of Chris Coleman there’s no way to think of him other than behind a drum kit It’s hard to imagine that Chris wasn’t planning on pursuing a career as a drummer until an eye-opening experience at his job. Needless to say, it’s obvious he made a great choice and widely recognized as one of the greatest drummers in the world. His resume boats A-listers like Beck and Chakah Khan and includes performances at both PASIC and the Modern Drummer Drum Festival.

Chris Coleman talks about:

  • Staring out playing in church
  • How the church atmosphere encourages and influences young players
  • What he thought his career path was going to be (hint: It wasn’t drums or music)
  • How a major health setback changed his entire life
  • Why he decided to play drums seriously
  • Changing and shifting his mindset
  • Why he went to school for bass
  • What it was like working with Prince
  • The importance of balance and self-care
  • Tips for taking the “jump” into something you love
  • Balancing multiple interests
  • Why most of us don’t follow our dreams
  • Dealing with fear of failure
  • Much more

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