Corey Fonville

458 – Corey Fonville: Staying in your own lane

Corey Fonville, the Virginia native who’s been making waves in the drumming world lately has a unique approach to playing and thinking. In a world of copycats and trend-chasers, Corey chooses to do things differently. As both a sideman and bandleader, Fonville stays in his lane, follows his muse and creates the music and career he desires.

Corey Fonville talks about:

  • Getting into drumming when he was 2 years old
  • Getting into funk, fusion, jazz, and other styles
  • Changing paths after having arrived to NYC
  • Studying at the Brubeck Institute
  • Deciding to play many genres of music instead of just oneHow to recognize and hone your real musical interests
  • The benefits of being based in Virginia instead of a big music hub
  • Putting together and running his band, Butcher Brown
  • Being on top of the business side of his projects
  • Much more

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