Jim Riley

442 – Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) Masterclass + Q&A

This episode was recorded a few years ago as part of Drummer’s Resource Pro. Jim and I cover a wide variety of topics and although it’s a few years old, this conversation is every bit as relevant as it was then.

He’s the drummer and music director for Rascal Flatts.  Rascal Flatts have sold upwards of 20 million records and Jim has been there since the beginning.  His story is motivational and inspiring to say the least as he explains how he made it to the top of the music game.  Jim’s “by any means necessary” and “never give-up” mentality servers as glimpse into what it takes to forge a career in music.  In addition to playing with Rascal Flatts, Jim is an educator, author, instructor and run his own music school, the Drum Dojo in Nashville.

Jim Riley talks about:

  • The importance of learning different styles as a drummer
  • His new book “Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer”
  • Choosing from learning resources in the information age
  • Why learning with a teacher can’t be replaced
  • What goes into getting a gig vs. keeping a gig
  • How he’s kept the Rascal Flatts gig for 17+ years
  • What separates him from other drummers
  • What he considers necessary for landing the “big gigs”
  • Being a Musical Director and what that role entails
  • His various methods of charting songs
  • Why he moved to Nashville instead of LA or NY
  • Much more

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