Sam Fogarino

463 – Sam Fogarino (Interpol): Check your ego at the door

Philadelphia born and longtime Atlanta resident Sam Fogarino is here to serve the music. Fogarino, like all of us, is a work in progress and although he’s been in an extremely successful band for years, he’s had to learn over the years to check his ego at the door. The openness and acceptance of constructive criticism has required a level of maturity and experience that has benefitted not only Sam, but Interpol as well. 

Sam Fogarino talks about:

  • Growing up in Philadelphia
  • How playing guitar got him into playing drums
  • Being an indispensable member of Interpol
  • Remaining open minded when making a record
  • Bringing in an outside producer for Interpol’s latest album
  • Why it’s actually safer to take risks in the studio instead of “playing it safe”
  • How recent changes in the music industry influence creativityMuch more


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