Nick D'Virgilio

500 – Nick D’Virgilio: Writing an ongoing musical story

Nick D’Virgilio (aka NDV) has had a career that most people dream of. In fact, part of his career was a dream come true when he was one of the drummers tapped to replace Phil Collins in Genesis. Amazingly, that’s just part of his story. NDV is also the founding drummer of Spock’s Beard, was with Cirque du Soleil for nearly five years, is currently the drummer for English progressive rock band Big Big Train, and serves as the resident studio drummer and web content creator at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, IN.

To say that Nick’s story is still being written is an understatement. “I still have some of my best music in me” says D’Virgilio.

Nick D’Virgilio talks about:

  • Growing up and getting into music in LA
  • How he learned about networking in music
  • Getting his first big break
  • Forming Spock’s Beard in the early 90’s
  • Playing on a Genesis record in the mid 90’s
  • Being a sideman vs. being a drummer in a band
  • Achieving and maintaining a work/life balance
  • Touring the world with Cirque du Soleil for 5 years
  • Working with Sweetwater
  • Various ways to make a living in music besides performing
  • His band Big Big Train
  • Much more

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