Imposter syndrome

271 - Dealing with self doubt and imposter syndrome

We're all guilty of thinking we're not good enough, our work…
choosing your gear

269 - How to pick the gear that's right for you

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Mark Kelso

268 - Mark Kelso: Developing your musical mind

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Tris Imboden

267 - Tris Imboden: From Southern California to Chicago

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Rodney Holmes

265 - Rodney Howard: A journeyman of sorts...

Rodney Howard has resume that reads like a journeyman’s career…

264 - How to balance your music career and your 9-5

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Ray Luzier

263 - Ray Luzier: Alive and kicking with KoRn

In 2008, Ray Luzier struck gold when he landed the gig with the…
last minute gig

262 - How to learn a song list for a last minute gig

Once in a while you get called for a last minute gig, which means…
Steve Ferrone

261 - Steve Ferrone: Making a name for himself

Steve Ferrone has been the drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers…
Jim Payne

260 - Jim Payne: The keeper of the funk

Labeled the "Buddy Rich or Billy Cobham of funk drumming" by…