Nate Smith

Podcast 245 - Nate Smith: Creating music in real time

Nate Smith, the Virginia native and current NYC resident, has…
Attitude is everything

Podcast 244 - Attitude is everything

Your playing is paramount to your success. Period. But it doesn't…
Liberty DeVitto

Podcast 243 - Liberty DeVitto: Always original

Liberty DeVitto has done it all. He's played to sold out stadiums…
What should you be working on

Podcast 242 - What should you be working on?

As drummers we have infinite amounts of choices when it comes…
10 things

Podcast 240 - 10 things I learned from interviewing over 200 of the world's greatest drummers

I've interviewed them all: From Steve Gadd and James Gadson to…
Keith Carlock

Podcast 237 - Keith Carlock: Locked in

Keith Carlock has been the backbone of a long list of groups…
Jack DeJohnette