Jason McGerr

530 - Jason McGerr (Death Cab for Cutie): Play more, judge less

Jason McGerr is on a journey. A never-ending journey to create…

529 - Is your ego getting in your way?

We all have an ego. Yes, you too. The thing most people don't…
Frank Zummo

528 - Frank Zummo (Sum 41): Keep it consistent

If there's one thing Frank Zummo embodies, it's persistence.…

527 - Glen Sobel: California dreaming and doing

Glen Sobel is a rare breed. He was born and bred in Los Angeles,…

526 - The other 75% of the puzzle

For the most part, we all know what needs to be done to become…
Daniel Glass Show

525 - [Daniel Glass Show]: How Getting Fired Helped My Career.

In this podcast, Daniel relates the story of how he was fired…
Poogie Bell

524 - Poogie Bell: Stay curious

Poogie Bell, often characterized as a groove and pocket drummer,…
Scott Pellegrom

522 - Scott Pellegrom: Overcoming adversity

Scott Pellegrom has been making waves on the scene for years…
practice motivation

521 - How to stay motivated to practice

We've all dealt with feeling unmotivated to practice. Whether…

520 - Jonathan Ulman: How to thrive in any city

Jonathan Ulman has a plan. And although it may include working…
drummer career paths

519 - The two career paths for a drummer

When it comes down to it, there are only two main career paths…