Mike Marsh

558 - Mike Marsh: Everything happens for a reason

Having a successful career in one band is hard enough, but for…

557 - Billy Martin: Creativity is everywhere

Billy Martin can be described as many things, but the word unique…
Tucker Rule

556 - Tucker Rule: On Punk & Passion

As if it wasn't apparent, Tucker Rule plays with passion. In…
Johnathan Blake

555 - Johnathan Blake: Musicality is the key

Philadelphia native Johnathan Blake is no stranger to hard work…

554 - [#AskRuffini] Music Business Edition

In this episode, I answer listeners' questions about a wide…
Bob Gullotti

553 - Remembering the great Bob Gullotti

Bob Gullotti was forever leaving his mark and pushing what's…
Ben Sesar

552: Ben Sesar (Brad Paisley): Digging in Deep

Few people have had a consistent career like Ben Sesar, who's…
Kevin Murphy

551 - Kevin Murphy: On Music and Money

Nashville drummer Kevin Murphy makes his second appearance on…
Michael Baker

550 - Michael Baker (Gavin DeGraw): Do what feels right

Michael Baker, the sideman for acts like Colbie Caillat, Andy…

549 - EMAN (Andy Grammer): Putting in the hard work

EMAN is a prime example of what happens when preparation and…
Madame Gandhi

548 - Madame Gandhi: The Future is Female

It's hard to put a label on Madame Gandhi, and my guess is that's…
top 10 2019

547 - Wisdom from the top 10 episodes of 2019

We released nearly 100 episodes in 2019 and while they were…