514 - Matt Musty: Getting on with Train

Matt Musty isn't afraid of hard work. After moving from the east…
Should you give up

513 - Should you give up on your dream?

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Nate Wood

512 – Nate Wood: The art of communicating musically.

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Yesod Williams

511 - Yesod Williams (Pepper): Take a chance

Yesod Williams, the Kona, HI born drummer who's band Pepper…
Connecting the dots

510 - Connecting the dots of your career

Steve Jobs famously said that we can only connect the dots looking…
Eric Hernandez

508 - Eric Hernandez (Bruno Mars) From the Super Bowl to Beyond

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507 - How to become an in-demand sideman/woman with Mel Brown

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506 - [Daniel Glass Show]: How to Read Charts

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504 - Jason Sutter: BIG picture thinking for long-term stability

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503 - Maison Guidry: Be true to yourself

As soon as you hear Mason Guidry play you realize that he's…