Matt Starr

454 - Matt Starr: Building a career from the ground up

We can all learn from Matt Starr's story. As a struggling musician…
leveling up

453 - Leveling up

Hands down, the most effective way to progress at any given thing…
Roy Burns

452 - Remembering the legendary Roy Burns

In this podcast I chatted with the legendary himself, Roy Burns.…

451 - [Daniel Glass Show]: The Incredible Evolution of Tom Toms

In this episode, Daniel recounts the fascinating story of the…
Dylan Wissing

450 - Dylan Wissing (Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Eminem) Learning by doing

Dylan Wissing is an accomplished touring live and session drummer,…
Brian Frasier-Moore

449 - Brian Frasier Moore: Audio Masterclass / Q&A

The legendary Brian Frasier-Moore takes time out of his busy…

448 - [Daniel Glass Show]: That Time I Played With The Best Band In The World

In this episode, Daniel recounts his recent experience playing…
Rich Redmond

447 - Rich Redmond: Audio Masterclass / Q&A

Rich Redmond has been on the podcast a few times now. Why? Because…
drumming social media

446 - The dirtiest secret in drumming & social media

Social media is great! I use it every day and my podcast is possible…
Adam Nussbaum

445 - Adam Nussbaum: Experience is the best teacher

Connecticut native Adam Nussbaum has "been there, done that"…
in ear

444 - All about in-ear monitors with Kelly Bishop (Ultimate Ears)

With multiple in-ear monitor choices on the market it can be…

443 - [Daniel Glass Show]: The Importance of Beat One

Inspired by a Bernard Purdie clinic in the 1990s, Daniel uses…