Richard Spaven

441 - Richard Spaven: Always prepared, never contrived

UK based drummer Richard Spaven has been constantly making a…

440 - [Daniel Glass Show]: That Time I Worked with Gene Simmons

In this episode, Daniel looks back to 2008, and the raucous and…
Alan Evans

439 - Alan Evans (Soulive / Matador! Soul Sounds) Be Different

Alan Evans has had a successful career as a drummer, multi-instrumentalist…
Beginner drummer

438 - Advice for beginners

Getting started with drumming can be overwhelming. For most of…
Alvin Ford, jr

437 - Alvin Ford, Jr. (Trombone Shorty): A dreamer and a doer

New Orleans native Alvin Ford, Jr, has been playing drums since…
Narada Michael Walden

436 - Narada Michael Walden: Rarified Air

Narada Micahel Walden is a legend. The drummer who's crossed…
Daniel Glass Show

435 - [Daniel Glass Show]: Musicians and Relationships

In this episode, Daniel looks at the unique issues faced by musicians…
Cindy Blackman Santana

434 - Cindy Blackman-Santana: Connecting to the Divine

Cindy Blackman-Santana, widely known as the longtime drummer…

433 - Dealing with Rejection

One constant in life is that we always have to deal with rejection.…
Jon Epcar

432 - Jon Epcar: Trust the process

Jon Epcar, born and raised in LA shares ties with the East Coast,…
Jeff Porcaro

431 - [Daniel Glass Show]: Deconstructing Jeff Porcaro

In this episode, Daniel and Chris Brady analyze the career of…
Paul Wertico

430 - Paul Wertico: Audio Masterclass

A true master of the instrument, Paul Wertico is a 7-time Grammy…