Mark Powers

Podcast 229 - Creating your music career with Mark Powers

Mark Powers is a combination of hyphens. He's a performer - author…
Dennis Chambers

Podcast 228 - Dennis Chambers: Back and better than ever

What can be said about Dennis Chambers that hasn't already been…
Pursuing your passion

Session 227 - Are you actually pursuing your passion?

Last week I was listening to an interview with Brandon Stanton…

Podcast 225 - Creativity and Criticism

In 2016 it's easier than ever to share your work with the world.…
Clarence Penn

Podcast 222 - Clarence Penn: Copying, creating and finding your own voice

Clarence Penn is a musical man. His never-ending drive to create…
Blame Game

Podcast 221 - Stop playing the blame game

It's far easier to blame others than to take responsibility for…
Todd Sucherman

Podcast 220 - Todd Sucherman: Conquering Rock, one world tour at a time

It's hard to categorize Todd Sucherman. Sure, he's most notably…

Podcast 219 - The one daily habit everyone should have

There are two types of people in this world: The type who run…
Nate Wood

Podcast 218 - Nate Wood: The art of communicating musically.

Nate Wood, the California-born, NYC residing instrumentalist…