Billy Drummond

256 - Billy Drummond: Embracing the past, present and future of music

Billy Drummond grew up in a home filled with sounds from Miles…
Rountable Discussion

255 - Roundtable Discussion: Charting your own course, career transitions and not playing the comparison game

Throughout our lives we endure many transitions and whether they're…
Jeremy Schreifels

253 - [Listener Spotlight] Jeremy Schreifels: Whatever it takes

I'm doing something different and shifting the focus to the DR…
Chad Smith

252 - Chad Smith: Backstage chat in Philadelphia

After the first interview I did with Chad, he was gracious enough…
Michael O'neal
Drew Shoals

250 - Drew Shoals (Train): Taking the road less traveled

Drew Shoals may not yet have the most marquee name in drumming.…

249 - All about heads with Evans Drumheads' Sergio Bonsignore

There are infinite choices when it comes to selecting the right…
Jimmy Chamberlin

248 - Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins): Rock, Revelry and Redemption

Jimmy Chamberlin, the founding and long-time member of the mega-band,…
Anatomy of Drumming

247 - Anatomy of Drumming with John Lamb

I can't count how many times I've received emails and questions…
Jeremy Bean Clemons

246 - Jeremy Bean Clemons: Musician first, drummer second

Jeremy "Bean" Clemons may not be a household name when we talk…
Nate Smith

245 - Nate Smith: Creating music in real time

Nate Smith, the Virginia native and current NYC resident, has…