Looking Back

Podcast 215 - Why "Never Look Back" isn't always the best advice

You hear it all the time: "Never Look Back" I agree that we shouldn't…
Lenny White

Podcast 214 - Lenny White: A founding father of Jazz Fusion

With a resume like Lenny White's it's hard to know where to start…
Justin Faulkner is photographed at the Clef Club of Jazz in Philadelphia Wednesday, July 29, 2009. (©2009 Mark Stehle Photography)

Podcast 212 - Justin Faulkner: Young blood, old soul

Justin Faulkner is a phenom. That's a bold statement, but it's…
day at the gym

Podcast 211: What a day at the gym taught me about drumming

Every day I try to learn something new; a better way of doings…
Chad Smith

Podcast 210 - Chad Smith: Not your average rockstar

What can be said about Chad Smith that hasn't been said already?…
talent versus skill

Podcast 209: Talent VS Skill

There are plenty of people who argue both sides of the debate:…
Zach Danziger

Podcast 208 - Zach Danziger: The evolution of a player

Zach Danziger is a trail blazer and an innovator. In 1995 he…

Podcast 207 - Should you take every gig?

It's always said that you should "take every gig" because it…
Billy Ward

Podcast 206 - Billy Ward: Getting back in the game

Billy Ward is no stranger to the limelight. Having toured with…
practice routines

Podcast 205 - Practice routines of the greatest drummers in the world

I've had the pleasure of interviewing over 200 of the world's…
Kenny Washington

Podcast 204 - Kenny Washington: Speaking the language of Jazz

Kenny Washington is a Jazz Legend. The 58 year old Brooklyn born,…