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416 – [Daniel Glass Show]: The Importance of Diversification

In this episode, Daniel dives deep into the concept of “diversification,” and shares four key reasons why developing a musical career based on this model can lead to stability, success, and satisfaction.

What’s covered in this session:

  • Daniel describes how his brand of “drummer, author, educator” has evolved based on a model of diversification, and how the concept has served him positively in the course of nearly three decades in the music industry.
  • As soon as we declare ourselves to be professional musicians, we must begin to think of ourselves as small business, and educate ourselves accordingly.
  • How Daniel’s “do it yourself” mindset from his years with Royal Crown Revue helped develop his business model of diversification.
  • Four key reasons why diversification is important:
    • The world we live in today demands it.
    • It can help us to control our own destiny.
    • It can be the means to cultivating a rich and fulfilling life that is full of challenge, variety and stimulation.
    •  We have made the choice to live an “unusual life,” so we must act “unusually.” This demands outside the box thinking as far as how we design our careers/businesses.

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