Check below for answers to your questions!

Where can I hear your Podcast?

You can stream the podcast from iTunes  or Stitcher.

Are the Podcast downloadable?

Yes!  All of the podcast can be downloaded from iTunes (For FREE) for use on your Computer/iPod/Smartphone

I signed up for the mailing list but didn‘t get an email confirmation (or didn’t get the e-book)

Be sure to check your bulk/spam folder to see if the emails are in there.  Sometimes they end up in spam for some reason (or in the “promotions” folder in Gmail).  If you want to avoid this in the future, add Drummer’s Resource to  your address book.  If you don’t see the email (or book) in any of those folders, try signing up for the mailing list again. It’s possible that the email was entered incorrectly.

Still having problems?  Contact me and I’ll get it sorted out ASAP for you.

Do you teach privately?

Yup!  I’m available for private lessons and career consulting.  Interested?   Contact me set it up!

When will Elite Pro launch?

I’m hoping to have Elite Pro Launched by the end of September if everything goes as planned.  To learn more or add your name to the waiting list, click here.

Where can I buy your album?

My album, “Pressin’ On” is available here:

What gear do you use?

Aquarian Drumheads – (endorsed artist)
Boso Drumsticks – (endorsed artist)
Bosphorus Cymbals – (endorsed artist)
Cympad – (endorsed artist)
Drumtacs – (endorsed artist)
DW Drums and Hardware –
Kickport – (endorsed artist)