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315 – [Daniel Glass Show]: A Conversation With Steve Smith

In this podcast, Daniel checks in with Steve Smith about his return to the road with Journey, his new book “Pathways of Motion,” and their co-project, “The Roots of Rock Drumming.”

What’s covered in this session:

  • How Steve prepared for his return to Journey, 32 years after his last public gig with the band.
  • How  injuries were the impetus for Steve to develop the concepts and techniques featured in “Pathways of Motion.”
  • Steve and Daniel’s experiences meeting and interviewing the drumming legends in “The Roots of Rock Drumming.”
  • How Steve and Daniel organized and outlined the various sections of their book, and struggled with how to define what exactly a “rock’n’roll drummer” is in the first place.

Resources/Links/People Mentioned:

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