Getting back to basics

410 - Getting back to basics

Whether you've been playing for years and practice regularly…
Charles Ruggiero

408 - Charles Ruggiero: Creating his own legacy

Charles Ruggiero, son of legendary drummer Vinnie Ruggiero, has…
Cliff Almond

407 - Cliff Almond: Manifesting your own sound

San Diego native Cliff Almond grew up in a family full of classical…
Drum practice

406 - Are you practicing TOO much?

Whether you love to practice or not, I'm sure you've always feel…
Eric Leiderman

404 - Eric Leiderman: Late night TV's drum ambassador

Eric Leiderman, producer from Late Night with Seth Meyers has…
Craig Ballantyne

403 - The no BS guide to networking with Craig Ballantyne

As you know, this podcast is about drumming but I like to pepper…
Sarah Thawer

402 - Sarah Thawer: Going against the grain

Stand-out Toronto based drummer Sarah Thawer is sailing along…

401 - The truth about hard work

There's no shortage of messaging telling us that if we want to…
Tom Brechtlein

399 - Tom Brechtlein: The quest of creating creativity

Tom Brechtlein grew up in East Meadow, Long Island and gravitated…