Narada Michael Walden

436 – Narada Michael Walden: Rarified Air

Narada Micahel Walden is a legend. The drummer who’s crossed over may genres, including: Funk, fusion, rock and pop is far more than a drummer. Once a member of Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jeff Beck’s band Walden then set his sites on pop music, becoming one of the most influential producers of all time. He’s responsible for artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tevin Campbell and many others, serving as a producer, performer and songwriter, boasting fifty seven (57) #1 hits, Three (3) Grammy Awards and one (1) Emmy Award. I could fill the rest of this page with accolades but just listen to our conversation and you’ll get an idea of how important Narada has been to American Music over the last 3 decades.

Narada Michael Walden talks about:

  • Playing in Mahavishnu Orchestra’s second incarnation
  • Meeting the guru Sri Chinmoy through John McLaughlin
  • The power of prayer and meditation
  • What it was like following Billy Cobham in Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • Working with Whitney Houston, Tevin Campbell and Aretha Franklin
  • The art of preparation
  • What current drummers don’t realize
  • Much more

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