Brendan Buckley

307 - Brendan Buckley: Audio masterclass

Brendan Buckley is best known for holding down the throne for…
Daniel Glass Show

306 - [Daniel Glass Show]: My Favorite Concerts, Part 1

In this podcast, Daniel shares a series of important concerts…
Jose Pasillas

305 - Jose Pasillas (Incubus): Change is the only constant

Jose Pasillas is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award nominated drummer…
Michael Windish

304 - How to create your own opportunities with Michael Windish

Michael Windish is a prime example of what happens when you work…
Daniel Glass Show

303 - [Daniel Glass Show]: Deconstructing “Rock Around the Clock”

In this session, Daniel deconstructs Bill Haley’s 1950s classic…
Daniel Glass

[Special Announcement]: Introducing the Daniel Glass show

There's a new show coming to Drummers Resource: The Daniel Glass…
Paul Wertico

302 - Paul Wertico: A life of improvisation

What can be said about Paul Wertico that hasn't already been…
Sub Pro

301 - How to sub like a pro

Subbing gigs can be a great way to establish relationships with…
Greg Clark, jr

300 - Greg Clark, Jr: Balancing confidence, mastery and humility

Washington, DC born and raised Greg Clark, Jr may be slightly…

299 - [A Rant] Thoughts on mastery

We live in a world of dabblers. A place where people pretend…
Eric Harland

298 - Eric Harland audio masterclass

Eric Harland is a monster player….plain and simple. But Eric…
Become a doer

297 - Just DO IT!

You cannot build a reputation on things you're going to do. If…